What is Kief and What Can You Do With It?

For the unenlightened, kief is what stoners call the small particles of weed that you have at the bottom of your grinder, provided you have the right grinder of course. Kief can be a lifesaver, if you feel like smoking, but have no bud and knowing about it is a stoner’s essential. Read on and educate yourself.

For those of you that still don’t get what kief is, despite the photo and the introduction, here is the best definition I found on the internet:

Either the crystals off dank marijuana buds or the yellow pollen from the male plants.

— Urban Dictionary

That is a pretty good definition, especially for the  Urban Dictionary, but in case you still do not realize what it is here is a photo of kief on some weed:

Why does kief matter?

The reason why kief is so awesome is the fact that it contains a higher than average concentration of THC (the psychoactive agent in marijuana). What this means is that if you sprinkle a little bit of kief on your joint you will get super high, even if you do not have that much weed. Kief is also an essential part of making hash. You have to heat it up and then press it together, perform a few more steps and you will get hash. When talking about kief you have to make the distinction between what is called kief in the West and what the Arabs call it. In Morocco, kief is a mixture of cannabis and tobacco, which you smoke in a pipe.

Uses for Kief:

  1. You can mix your kief and weed and make a super strong joint. A lot of stoners like to save up their kief for a long time, a few months sometimes, and use it to make an awesome super strong joint.
  2. You can also just smoke your kief pure in a pipe. Again you should be careful with how much you put in your bowl because it is much stronger than your marijuana. You should also keep in mind that it burns much faster than bud, so smoke fast!
  3. You can make some hash with your kief. All you need to do is apply heat and pressure to the kief. It is not the easiest thing to do, and it can be quite dangerous when applying heat, so don’t do it while high.

How to get some kief yourself.

Kief is very accessible. Most cofeeshops in Europe and dispensaries in the U.S. will not have any kief to sell (though sometimes they do, and that’s awesome). However, you can easily extract some kief yourself. All you need is a four piece grinder, which has a kief compartment and a small net, that only allows the small, fine particles to fall through. Then you just need to grind weed and keep collecting. Sooner or later you will get a bunch of kief which you can get super high on. I’ve used kief on occasions, when I want to get high, but have no way to get weed at the moment. You just sprinkle kief on tobacco (tobacco is bad for you, so don’t smoke it unless you really have to), what you get is a surprisingly strong joint, basically out of nowhere. So keep grinding that weed and collecting that kief.

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