Weed in Zurich

Zurich has a stunning architecture which means there are many churches and old bridges around the city. What could be better than smoking marijuana while exploring all the beauties this city has to offer? Here’s the brief guide to getting and smoking weed in Zurich.

Cannabis Laws in Switzerland:

Laws are very light when it comes to weed consuming, and police officers don’t focus too much on smokers. It’s illegal to sell or possess weed, but smoking and possessing small quantities in private places is perfectly legal. It means you can light up your favorite herb in the private room or house and start with the exploration. If you get caught with weed on the streets, and if it’s proved that you have it for your personal use then you can expect a fine.

Where to Get Cannabis in Zurich:

Getting high-quality weed in Zurich could be a little hustle. Zurich had many head shops back in days where you could easily get the highest quality buds. Right now, you can try your luck around the Langstrasse area where dealers hang out. You should be careful while buying weed there as this place is a Red Light district which means there is much police in that area. Before getting any weed, always check if the quantity matches the deal.

Cannabis Prices:

Prices vary, and you’ll get the best deal if you know someone in the city. If you’re a newcomer to the city, expect to pay around 12 euros per gram of top-grade weed. Hash lovers can get the highest quality hash in bricks from Morocco for the price of 5 euros per gram.

Other Information:

Zurich is a stunning city with so many things to do and see. When it comes to cannabis, the law enforcers are very tolerant, and if you get caught on the street smoking, you’ll get fined. Also, you can smoke in your private place legally which is amazing. The only tough thing for newcomers is getting a high-quality weed in fair amounts.

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