Weed in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is located in central Java and is an area growing in popularity with tourists in the last few years. Many travelers chose to stay here for a while exploring the Borobudur and Prambanan temples. If you want to smoke weed while in Yogyakarta, it is not the easiest thing to do and is rather risky:

Cannabis laws in Indonesia

It is common for countries in Southeast Asia to have very strict drug laws and Indonesia is notorious for that as well. While many people think that you can get the death penalty for smoking a joint in Indonesia, that’s not really the case. The possession of marijuana that is meant for personal use will get you a maximum 4-year prison sentence. For cultivation, sale, and trafficking the punishments become much more severe.

While it is risky to smoke in Indonesia, and you don’t want to see the inside of a prison there, things are not too bad. Most of the policemen will be happy to take a bribe and leave you alone, instead of sending you to jail, but you still want to be extremely careful.

Getting weed in Yogyakarta

Finding weed in Yogyakarta can be hard for foreigners as cannabis is not sold out in the open and there aren’t too many dealers. The laws are harsh enough for it to be done on the down low and you will need to ask around. Usually, at any popular backpacker hostel, there will be at least one traveler that knows how to get some, but there are no guarantees.

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