Weed in Volos, Greece

If you ever planned to visit the amazing country of Greece, there are so many places to explore except Athens, Zahkintos and other touristic places. We bet you never heard of Volos. It’s a 6th most populous city in Greece, and it’s known as a port town with a huge industrial significance to the country. Maybe at first, it doesn’t seem like an attractive location to you, but what if we tell you that weed culture and the overall scene with amazing beaches are booming there?

Keep reading as we’re going to provide you with the information on getting and smoking weed in Volos.

Cannabis Laws in Volos, Greece

Any activity related to cannabis is illegal and strictly regulated which means you can end up in big trouble if police catch you. The police don’t usually focus on cannabis users, but if you’re doing it in public places, be ready to face the consequences. You need to know that police in Volos is still corrupt, so maybe money will help to get outside the trouble.

It’s essential for us to mention that Greece has one of the strictest laws when it comes to cannabis in Europe. The possession of more than 20 grams of weed can land you up in prison for five years, or you can probably get away with it paying a fine which can exceed $1,000,000.

However, Greece is slowly adapting to the trend of legalization, and they legalized the growing of plants with less than 0.2% of THC. In 2017., Greece was finally listed as a country where medical marijuana is legal. The only problem is that it’s still not implemented in practice, so people need to wait.

Anyway, such great news for such a conservative country.

Where to Get Cannabis in Volos, Greece

As we already mentioned, Volos is a port city and holding huge importance to the Greek economy; it’s not a strange thing that there is a lot of cannabis around. With a lot of import and export activities comes more protection which means more police around. Since the city isn’t huge and there is a lot of police, sometimes it may be hard to score weed.

Your best bet is by going to the city during the summer season when tourists are coming in. There are many beach parties and clubs, so scoring weed there won’t be a hustle. If you’re going outside the summer season, then your best bet is to have a local friend who can connect you with people who can help.

Without a local friend or connections in the city, it can be tough to score any cannabis.

Cannabis Prices in Volos, Greece

The prices hugely depend on your connections and time of the year. For instance, outside the season when the demand is low, and supply is even lower, the prices for tourists can rise drastically. The average price there is around $15 for a gram of medium quality cannabis. If you’re buying in more significant quantities or know people, you will get a better offer.

Volos is not such a known destination, but that’s the reason why you should visit it! It has many hidden gems and stunning spots. Enjoy your stay! 😊

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