Weed in Vir

Vir is not the most popular tourist destination in Croatia, but the people that have been there all seem to love this island. It offers a quaint and not too mainstream vacation, just a short drive away from Zadar. If you want to enjoy the sea and the island with some marijuana, that can be hard to arrange, but it’s not impossibel.

Cannabis laws in Croatia

The drug laws in Croatia are relatively strict and cannabis is illegal, but it is considered a light drug, and certain cannabis-based medicines are allowed. When it comes to recreational use, the possession of a small amount of weed, meant for personal use is a minor offense, which can only lead to a fine. That being said, the fines are quite steep, ranging from US$750 to–3000. The sale, cultivation, or trafficking of cannabis is more strictly controlled and is punished with a prison sentence.

Croatia is not a weed-friendly destination by any stretch of the imagination. That being said, it is still a European country and you do not have too much to fear, but paying a big fine if you are just smoking a joint or two.

Getting weed in Vir

If you are a tourist visiting Vir, finding cannabis can be hard. The island is very touristy and there are certainly people smoking marijuana on it, but it can be hard to actually lay your hands on some. There aren’t any dealers walking around, offering their services, and many of the locals are conservative when it comes to drugs. Your best bet is to get to know some of the local youths and ask them to hook you up, but there is no guarantee. Cannabis is much easier to procure in the bigger Croatian cities.

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