Weed in Vigo

Vigo is located just north of Portugal and is the largest city nearby to Porto. It is one of Europe’s most rainy areas, but Vigo is still an amazing city to visit. People visiting might want to smoke some weed, while on their trip. Luckily Spain has very liberal laws when it comes to cannabis and getting your hands on some marijuana should not be much of a problem. Read on for our full guide on weed in Vigo.

Cannabis laws in Spain

When it comes to marijuana, Spain is one of the most liberal countries in the world. Possession of small amounts of cannabis meant for personal use is decriminalized, meaning that you can only receive a fine and no jail time. However, things get even better. Due to a loophole in the constitution, in private properties smoking and possessing marijuana is legal. Growing weed at home is also legal, but not if your weed is visible from the street or on your balcony.

Spanish people smoke a lot of weed and often times in public. However, keep in mind that you are risking a fine and it is advisable to only smoke in private.

Finding weed in Vigo

Hash is much more common than weed in Spain. Most of it comes from Morocco and the quality is generally quite good. Hashish is also cheaper than marijuana in Spain. When it comes to finding weed in Vigo, it can be difficult. Your best bet is to go down to Porto and buy weed there, as it is much more widely available. Otherwise, in Vigo, you will need to ask around. Most of the younger people in Spain smoke or know where to get weed, so asking around should yield some results quickly. Prices can range from 6-10 euros per gram.

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