Weed in Verona

Verona is a great place to visit. The setting of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is a beautiful city with a lot to offer. Besides the world-famous balcony, there is a coliseum and amazing Renaissance architecture. The city is also halved by the Adige river and there are some cool bridges to check out. But you are not here for that, you are wondering about the cannabis in Verona. The truth is that bigger cities are better for scoring weed, but it is not impossible in Verona.

Cannabis laws in Italy

Italians love smoking weed, or at least the younger ones do, and cannabis is well accepted by society. Medicinal marijuana is legal and hemp is being grown for industrial reasons. There are still some conservative politicians and older people that are holding up the legalization of recreational use, but that is around the corner. Currently, the possession of small amounts of weed is decriminalized and you won’t go to prison for that. At most, you can expect a fine, and sometimes you might get away with a warning.

Virtually every Italian teenager smokes weed and you might even encounter some younger people smoking if you go out. It is not super risky to do, but you are risking a fine, so it is best to only smoke in more secluded spots or the window of your hotel. As long as you don’t carry more than a few grams of marijuana you are in little legal trouble, but it is still best to be a little cautious. At the very least, a fine can ruin your vacation.

Getting weed in Verona

There are many tourists in Verona, and there is also a decent nightlife, so you should be able to score some weed there. It is tough during the day, and you will have a better look in places like Milan or Rome, but in the evening it is doable. Just go to the center and around all of the bars. You will either approach dealers, who are usually Arab/black, or there will be some dudes smoking weed. Either way, approach them and ask for “fumo”, the odds are that they will help you out. A lot of people in Italy smoke hash, so consider smoking that. The prices can vary wildly, but around 5-7 euros per gram is good.

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