Weed in Varna

If you ever find yourself in Bulgaria and want to party for a few days, then it’s best to head to Varna. It’s a major Bulgarian city that lies on the Black Sea, and it’s filled with resorts and high-end nightclubs. The city has been influenced by many cultures so that you can expect an amazing architecture throughout the city. What could be better than scoring some cannabis while exploring this beautiful city? Keep reading as we’re going to provide you with information on getting and smoking weed in Varna.

Cannabis Laws in Bulgaria

Cannabis and all the activities related to the plant are strictly forbidden in Bulgaria. Police are very corrupt as they are usually underpaid, so they will definitely give you a lot of trouble if you get caught. Cops target tourists as they believe tourists are full of money. The thing is that if you get caught, never ask them for a bribe as it will set you in deeper trouble. Always wait for them to ask you for a bribe, but expect to pay around 200 – 500 euros if you get caught with even on the joint. It’s not advisable to smoke in public as there is a lot of police and you can end up being prosecuted in Bulgaria.

Where to Get Cannabis in Varna

If you’re a tourist who doesn’t have any connections, it will be hard to score cannabis in Varna. Your best bet is to go to nightclubs, and you will definitely stumble upon someone who smokes weed. Other good spots are Marine Park or Centrum where you need to use your senses, and you will definitely smell some weed. Be careful though as there are many wannabe gangsters around the parks with the mean attitude that can put you in trouble.

Cannabis Prices

The prices for a gram of low-quality weed is around $2. If you want to smoke more potent weed, then you need to be prepared to spend around $7 per gram. Hashish is hard to find, and the prices are way too high. The price for a small hash brick can reach $15. Always check and smell weed before buying as street dealers will try to scam you, especially if you’re a tourist.

Other Information

Smoking cannabis in Varna is strictly regulated, and police will target tourists. It’s advisable to never carry any amount on you and smoke strictly in private or secluded places. If you get caught, you can probably buy your way out, but expect to pay a good amount of money. Otherwise, you could end up in front of a judge and be prosecuted. Use your common sense, and you’ll be fine.

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