Weed in Vancouver

Vancouver is located in the British Columbia province of Cannada, in the West of the country. As with the other major Cannadian cities, it is wealthy diverse and full of culture and cusine to explore. If you are in Vancouver to party and smoke weed, you are in luck. Cannabis is legal in Cannada. Keep on reading for more infotmation:

Cannabis laws in Canada

When it comes to cannabis, Cannada is leading the way amongst the Western nations. In 2018, Canada legalized the recreational sale and consumption of cannabis, regulating it in a way similar to alcohol. Throughout the country, there are many dispensaries that sell weed and you can also buy it online. Any adult in Cannada can purchase marijuana freely. However, you are not allowed to drive while high and that can lead to hefty punishments.

If you are an adult that is visiting Canada getting some weed to smoke should be of no issue. The country has a well-developed and easy-to-use cannabis commercial system, that will hopefully appear in other western nations.

Getting weed in Vancouver

Buying weed in Vancouver is as easy as walking into a store or buying it online. If you are interested, we have a few recommendations below:

  • Evergreen Cannabis Store – Located in the western part of town, this dispencery is popular with the locals due to its friendly staff and good selection of weed. You will not be sorry if you visit.
  • Dutch Love Cannabis – this is a cool and hip chain of cannabis stores that is popular with the locals. They have a few locations so there is a good chance that there is one of these in the area near you.

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