Weed in Valencia

Valencia is the third-largest city in Spain, after Madrid and Barcelona, but it is every bit as amazing to visit. The city has everything to offer: architecture, food, nightlife, and a beach. There are only a few things in life that are better than smoking a joint on the Valencian beach and every visitor of the city should experience it. Here is our guide to cannabis in Valencia.

Cannabis Laws in Spain

Spain is one of the chillest countries in Europe when it comes to marijuana legislation. Possession of small quantities for personal use is treated as a misdemeanor, which means that your cannabis will be confiscated and you might also get a fine, though most of the time the cops don’t care. Just be careful and cooperate with them and everything should be fine. That only applies to be in public, however, in private things are even more relaxed.

In your own house, you are allowed to consume and cultivate marijuana, due to the wording of the Spanish constitution. Because of this peculiar feature of the constitution, Spain has developed Dutch coffee-shop-like “cannabis clubs“. You can buy joints and smoke them in the clubs, but they are usually reserved for members only. It usually doesn’t pay off for visitors to apply for a membership, as there are easier ways to score some weed in the short term.

Where to Get Weed in Valencia

As already mentioned, the best way to get marijuana in Valencia is through a “cannabis club”. They offer good quality marijuana and are much more reliable than a street dealer, but it is only reserved for residents only and for most of them you need an invite. You should walk around the beach, and especially the neighbourhood next to the beach “Cabanyal”. It is a shady place with a lot of gyspsies who sell marijuana in the summer evenings. If you pass by, they will usually offer to sell you. Otherwise keep an eye out for dealers, usually Moroccan, who sell around the beach or the main tourist areas. Buying weed from a dealer is illegal, and the quality is usually bad. The average price is 6-10 euros a gram, depending on how well you can bargain.

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