Weed in Val d’Isère

If you’re taking good care of your health and shape, even during the winter months, there is a huge chance that you’re going to experience winter outdoor activities. You’ll get surrounded by breathtaking nature while getting good training at the same time. If you ever thought about smoking cannabis during your stay in Val d’Isère, then you’re at the right place!

Cannabis Law in France:

Law enforcers aren’t very strict when it comes to consuming cannabis in France, especially in places like Val d’Isère. Cannabis is illegal in the whole of France, but ski-resorts attract many tourists, so if they want to get some weed, police won’t be strict in enforcing the laws. Just don’t smoke weed in front of families and kids and you’ll be fine.

Where to Get Cannabis in Val d’Isère:

The same advice goes with every ski-resort. You should always check the local bars and hotel receptions. Be friendly and polite, and people will most likely help you out. The supply is scarce so that you can expect higher prices compared to other regions in France, but that’s probably alright, as this ski-resort is one of the most expensive ones in France.

Cannabis Prices in Val d’Isère:

Prices vary mostly depending on connections and weed quantity. A quality of weed is only decent, but don’t worry as it will give you a nice high. You can expect to pay anywhere from 15 to 30 euros for one gram of decent buds. If you’re looking for a hash, you will have a hard time to find any, and even if you find some, it won’t be the same quality as you can get in other places.

Other Information:

Val d’Isère is a lovely place where a lot of young tourists go to enjoy winter activities, so it’s not a strange thing that there are some decent quality buds around. Be polite and friendly when looking for cannabis and don’t forget to smoke it outdoors in secluded places.

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