Weed in Timisoara

Timisoara is Romania’s third-largest city and it is one of the most beautiful ones in the country. The architecture is amazing and in the style of Vienna and Budapest, making it a great destination to check out, which is a bit less touristy. When it comes to cannabis, however, Timisoara is not the best city to visit. Romania has strict laws and that makes scoring pot very hard for visitors. Keep on reading for our guide to weed in Timisoara:

Cannabis laws in Romania

Romania has been making strides in improving and modernizing, but when it comes to marijuana, things are pretty backward. Sadly, the laws are very strict and on paper, you can get into a lot of trouble for even having a bit of weed on you. Of course, you are very unlikely to actually go to prison for smoking a joint, but they will probably take you in and you might spend an evening in jail. Growing and selling weed is very illegal it is a very bad idea to get involved in any of those things.

You can smoke weed in Timisoara, and many people do, but be careful. Don’t do it in a public spot and do not be too blatant with it. Your hotel window is probably the safest spot, so consider that if it’s an option. The police are not very chill about weed, so keep that in mind.

Getting weed in Timisoara

As already mentioned, Romania has very strict laws regarding cannabis and getting your hands on some weed in Timisoara is going to be very hard. There are no street dealers walking around, like in Spain or Italy. Instead, most of the locals know a guy and meet with him. It is also not a good idea to just walk around town and ask people for help with getting marijuana. The majority of younger people are cool, but many are not and will not appreciate it if you ask them for weed. The truth is that you have to get very lucky to find marijuana in Timisoara and if you do get some, be prepared to pay 10-15 euros per gram.

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