Weed in the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are a beautiful archipelago and the southernmost part of the United States. This tropical paradise is popular with tourists and locals, as it is a spectacular natural phenomenon, just made for a great vacation. if you enjoy sandy beaches, amazing weather, and palm trees, this is a perfect vacation spot. When it comes to cannabis, the situation in Florida is not as great as in some other states, but you should be able to score some cannabis in the Florida keys.

Cannabis laws in Florida

Currently, cannabis is illegal in Florida for recreational use, but legal for medicinal use. Statewide, if you have 20 grams or less on you, you face a misdemeanor. This can mean anything between a small fine of up to 1000$ or a year in prison. The exact punishment will vary a lot of the officer that catches you and the exact situation. Many counties in Florida have different cannabis laws, but in Monroe County, where the Florida Keys are, the local law corresponds to the state law.

Overall, many people smoke weed in Florida and it’s generally not an issue. However, if you get caught you could get into trouble that goes beyond a fine, depending on the exact circumstances. It’s, therefore, a good idea not to have trespass or drive while smoking marijuana, as that could lead to more severe punishment.

Getting weed in the Florida Keys

Getting weed in the Florida Keys can be tricky, but not impossible. Many of the local stoners make use of the legal medicinal marijuana, and if you have a friend that is from Florida they can likely help you with getting some good quality weed. However, if you don’t know anyone, you’ll have to ask some of the people in the service industry. Most of the kitchen, restaurant and hotel staff smoke pot, so it shouldn’t be too hard to score some while on vacation.

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