Weed in the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are a Spanish archipelago, that is actually closer to Morroco than to mainland Spain. These volcanic islands have everything you might expect from Spain but in a smaller package. There are deserts, beaches, and amazing food. You are bound to enjoy the great views and if you want, you can enjoy them with the help of some weed. Marijuana is illegal in Spain, but not completely. Keep on reading for the full guide to cannabis in the Canary Islands.

Cannabis laws in Spain

Spain is one of the most liberal countries in Europe when it comes to marijuana legislation. Due to a gray area in the constitution, the weed is legal in private spaces. This has lead to the creation of cannabis clubs, where the members of those clubs can purchase weed. It’s similar to a Dutch coffeeshop. That being said, those cannabis clubs are usually reserved for residents of the city they are in.

The second you are in public, however, marijuana is illegal. It is decriminalized though, so you’ll only get a fine for smoking in public. Some people just get their weed confiscated, or even just a warning, but it ultimately depends on the police. You should never carry more than a few grams of cannabis on you, as that could actually get you in trouble.

Getting weed in the Canary Islands

It’s pretty easy to get cannabis in the Canary Islands, depending on where you are. Obviously, the bigger, more urban a place is, the easier it is to find something to smoke. We have a few dedicated weed guides to places in the Canary Islands, pick the ones you need from bellow:

The Canary Islands are an amazing place to smoke but don’t forget that you can’t bring any weed with you back on the plane. That can land you into a lot of trouble.

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