Weed in the Bahamas

The Bahamas are an Archipelago that consists of more than 700 islands. It is located between Cuba and Florida in the Atlantic ocean. Besides countless beaches and resorts, the islands also have a rich history. For thousands of years, there have been native people living there and the islands were also colonized by the British. Each year millions of people visit the Bahamas, most of those tourists come on a cruise. Weed is illegal but easily available. You should not have any problem getting marijuana in the Bahamas.

Cannabis laws in the Bahamas

Currently, cannabis is illegal in the Bahamas. You could get in a lot of trouble and possibly prison simply for possessing marijuana. Selling and growing weed is even more illegal and will almost certainly get you in jail. The police are also known for targeting tourists, sometimes even with undercover cops. You need to be careful and discrete if you are smoking weed in the Bahamas, do not do it in public places.

There have been some talks about decriminalizing weed, which shows that the country might be moving in the right direction. However, it is probably going to take years until any actions are taken.

Getting weed in the Bahamas

Getting weed in the Bahamas should not be much of a problem. Even though it is illegal, weed is easily available and accessible. Odds are, someone is going to offer you to buy some during your trip. If no one does there are a few groups of people that can almost always get you weed. Workers in your hotel, especially younger men, will often be happy to hook you up. Guys working at the beach, like the ones renting out jet skis, will also usually have a number to call in order to get you weed. Taxi drivers are also a good bet and most of them will be able to help you out. The quality of the weed is usually not very good, as most of it is grown outdoors, but the prices are quite low. You should not pay more than 2-3 dollars for a gram.

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