Weed in Thassos

Thassos is a small Greek island, just off the coast of Kavala. It’s a relatively unexplored and unpopular place from a tourist point of view, but that makes it fun and more local for the more daring travelers. If you want to party and smoke weed while in Thassos, that is not impossible, but it’s not an easy task to accomplish. Keep on reading for more information on cannabis in Thassos:

Cannabis laws in Greece

Despite their Southern European location, the Greeks have not legalized cannabis for recreational use, but do have some laws allowing for medicinal marijuana to be cultivated. When it comes to the possession of cannabis for recreational use, you are not allowed to have any amount on you and you risk a prison sentence. While it is unlikely to go to prison over a gram or two, you will have to go in front of a judge and might spend some time in jail to be processed. The sale and cultivation of cannabis are also, very illegal.

Getting caught with weed in Greece can be a huge hassle and could lead to serious trouble with the law. That being said, many people take the risk, especially on vacation, but you do need to keep in mind that there is a big risk involved.

Finding weed in Thassos

It can be very hard to get weed in Thassos, as the laws are restrictive and there aren’t too many dealers around there. Limenas is probably your best bet and the campings around the island are also good, as the people who frequent them are often pot smokers. If you happen to visit a larger city like Athens or Thessaloniki before going to Thassos, you might want to try and get weed there.

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