Weed in Tehran

People who’re interested in exploring eastern cultures should definitely check out Iran. The best way to explore their culture and learn about their traditions is by visiting their capital city Tehran. It’s a metropolitan city with around 9 million people living which means the options for exploration and fun are endless. The city is known for its museums, panoramic views, hills for outdoor activities and delicious cuisine. If that sounds good enough to you, then you should know that cannabis consumption is almost legal in Iran. Keep reading as we’re going to provide you with information on getting and smoking weed in Tehran.

Cannabis Laws in Iran

Iran has fascinating laws related to cannabis. People can grow hemp if it’s used for food purposes. They are still consuming cannabis seeds as these seeds are full of nutrients. Also, if you get caught by police and you have less than 10 grams on you, the fine will be $1.5 per gram found on you. Police often won’t bother with cannabis smokers as the country has a larger problem with opium consumption. If you get caught smoking in public, expect to pay a small bribe and you’re free to go. Use your common sense, act normal and you will probably have no problems in Tehran.

Where to Get Cannabis in Tehran 

When it comes to getting cannabis, it may be a bit harder if you want to smoke. To get a decent quality bud, you’ll need to have connections or luck. You may try your luck in western parts of the city walking around markets as there you might stumble upon someone who can help you. It’s a different story with hashish though. Hashish can be found anywhere, and it’s only the highest quality hashish as Iran is a very popular country for hashish production.

Cannabis Prices

The prices are low compared to western countries. For example, if you’re lucky, you can get your hands on high-quality cannabis that will cost you around $2 per gram. You can easily get your hands on Afghani or Pakistani hashish wherever you go and even without a connection; you can get a sticky brick that weighs around a gram for around $2.

Other Information

Getting cannabis buds can be tough, especially if you don’t have local friends. If you’re lucky, you can get your hands on decent quality cannabis, but we advise you to try their hashish. Hashish in Iran is one of the highest quality you can find in the world. The laws aren’t strict, but it’s always advisable to use your common sense when smoking weed. Enjoy your stay!

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