Weed in Tangier

Tangier is a major city in Morocco, located on the Maghreb coast. It is next to the Strait of Gibraltar, where the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean meet. The city has a rich ancient history, and exploring it while smoking some weed is an amazing experience. Finding cannabis to smoke is not particularly hard, so you can expect to get high during your trip. Here is our guide to cannabis in Tangier.

Cannabis laws in Morocco

Despite what most tourists think, weed in Morocco is illegal. There is a total ban on drugs there and theoretically, you could get in a lot of trouble if caught with weed or hash on you.  In practice, however, cannabis is tolerated by law enforcement, especially in more touristy cities, such as Tangier. Morocco is one of the largest producers of cannabis and it is also a part of the culture there to smoke ‘kif’ or hashish. There are many growers and sellers and the police rarely seem to crack down on them. Walking through the streets of Tangier you can often smell the scent of cannabis. While it is easily available and more tolerated in Tangier, it is still illegal and some caution is advised when dealing with weed in Morocco. Do not smoke in a very public place and try not to travel while carrying cannabis on you.

Getting weed in Tangier

Finding weed in Tangier is not very hard. If you simply walk around the popular tourist locations or big squares like the Grand Socco and if you are a tourist looking male, you will be offered weed or more likely hashish. The problem with buying from a street dealer in Morocco is that they will try to scam you. You are expected to haggle over the price. You should also try to see what the dealer is selling before you pay and do not trust the amounts of weight they tell you, they almost always exaggerate. This being said, hashish is usually good quality and pretty cheap, compared to Europe.

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