Weed in Tamаrindo

Tamarindo is a beautiful coastal town located on the western coast of Costa Rica. The town and its surrounding area are popular with tourists, due to the beautiful beaches and nature in the vicinity. The beaches are mainly visited by surfers, but there are many other activities available for tourists. Diving, snorkeling, horse riding as well as fishing are all available for visitors. Cannabis is illegal in Costa Rica, but small doses are effectively decriminalized and there is also very little enforcement. Smoking marijuana in Tamarindo should not be much of a challenge.

Cannabis laws in Costa Rica

Cannabis is a very popular recreational drug in Costa Rica, just like in the rest of the world. However, marijuana remains illegal. The current law states that selling and producing marijuana on a big scale is illegal. However, possession of small amounts of weed is decriminalized. Where the law is quite unclear is in the lack of a definition of what a small amount of cannabis is. Different countries interpret that very differently through the world, but it is safe to assume that if you have a couple of grams on you, you probably will not get in much trouble.

It is hard to know what exactly the lawmakers consider a small amount of weed, but there are a lot of people smoking in Costa Rica and the police do not seem to concern itself much with small scale users.

Finding weed in Tamarindo

Since Tamarindo is a popular surf destination, there is a lot of weed going around. If you walk around the main street or the beaches, there is a good chance that you will be offered to buy weed. Otherwise look out for rastas, locals or surfers. They are usually quite friendly will either sell you weed or show you where you can buy it. The weed is quite cheap and 10 dollars should get you a bag of about 5 grams. Keep in mind that the weed is grown outdoors, so not the best quality usually, but it will get you high.

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