Weed in Taipei

Taipei is the capital of small island country Taiwan and it’s a huge metropolitan city. If you’re a type of person who loves to explore architecture and unique culture, then Taipei is the perfect city to visit. The city is widely known for a variety of street food choices and food markets so that food lovers will enjoy the city. Also, it’s an awesome environment when the munchies kick in, but what’s the situation with cannabis in Taipei? Keep reading as we’re going to provide you with brief information on getting and smoking weed in Taipei.

Cannabis Laws in Taiwan

Laws regarding any cannabis activity are pretty strict and people can even get a death penalty if get caught with a huge amount of cannabis. The biggest problem is that the country is still very conservative and cannabis is listed as a Schedule 2 drug which is in the same category as LSD or opium. Police officers are very professional and are familiar with the smell and look of cannabis, so it’s not advisable to smoke in public as you can easily get yourself in jail.

Where to Get Cannabis in Taipei

Although it’s not an easy task to find any cannabis in Taipei, your best bet is by knowing a local or just hang around places where tourists are going. For example, there is one popular bar called Woodstock where you can find someone who can help you with cannabis. Another good place is a bar called Carnegie’s, but always be careful when trying to score weed in bars as the police usually watch these places.

Cannabis Price

Cannabis in Taipei isn’t easy to find and also the quality will vary a lot. You can get around 5 grams of decent quality for around $300 which is just enormous. Hashish is almost impossible to get in Taipei. It’s advisable not to buy or smoke cannabis there as police don’t care if you’re a local or tourist when it comes to facing the consequences.

Other Information

Cannabis isn’t common in Taipei, and it’s hard to get any weed there. Also, if you’re lucky, expect to pay a huge amount of money for the average quality of weed. The best way to smoke is to find a private place where you can get high without anyone noticing. We don’t recommend smoking in Taipei. Enjoy your stay!

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