Weed in Switzerland

Switzerland, the country where half of its’ land is the world-famous Alps and is the perfect location for growing and consuming weed. Different world-famous cities such as Geneva, Bern or Zurich can be found there, which is why it has high popularity among leisure or business travelers.

Where to get?

As in any other place, it is much easier to find in the bigger cities than in the smaller ones. There are also many mountain towns too, that required quite different methods to successfully find weed.

If in a big city, check out some of the parks and more rural areas. You will be able to find some legal CBD weed from normal convenient stores.

If in a smaller city, the younger generation will be able to assist you if friendly. You will probably need to move out of the centers to get it, once you have obtained it.

If in the mountain towns, observe for weed from the working individuals. Popular places are Kebab stores. Try to be friendly to them before you ask straight.

Legal Status

CBD weed is legal and can be bought from stores around in some locations.

Cops are not very bothered by it and in the worst case you are fined if you are not caught with large quantities.

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