Weed in Surat Thani

Surat Thani is a province in southern Thailand that is still not overrun with tourists, or at least not to the extent of Phuket and Bangkok. There is great food, great nature, and amazing beaches. You will love smoking a joint while staying there. Cannabis is illegal in Surat Thani, as well as the rest of Thailand, but you won’t have any trouble getting weed. Keep on reading for our ultimate guide to marijuana in Surat Thani.

Cannabis laws in Thailand

Thailand has had serious troubles with hard drugs like meth, as well as drug trafficking throughout the country. Because of that, they have very harsh drug laws, that could send you to prison for just smoking a joint. In reality, however, that rarely happens and the vast majority of people that are caught with weed on them just pay a fine. The cops simply do not care that much about backpackers or locals that are smoking a joint, as long as they don’t cause any trouble.

Besides getting a fine, there is also a very good chance you will get asked to pay a bribe to the policeman that catches you. It is hard to be exact with how much the bribes can be, but usually, it isn’t too much for Western standards.

Getting weed in Surat Thani

Getting weed in Surat Thani is fairly simple. A good place to start is any backpacker hostel, as most of the people staying there or working there smoke weed and they might be able to hook you up. You might want to consider staying there, as that will make it easier to find weed. Otherwise, you can also ask a tuk-tuk driver. Most of them can hook you up, but you should keep in mind that they are very untrustworthy and there is a chance they will try to rob you. The price of the weed is about 30-40$ for a bag of 10g of cannabis.

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