Weed in Surabaya

Surabaya is Indonesia’s second-largest city and certainly an interesting place to visit. Whether you are there to visit the city itself or are just passing by, Surabaya can be a lot of fun and has some cool things to visit. However, when it comes to weed things are complicated and the laws are harsh. That doesn’t mean you can’t get cannabis while there, but you are taking a risk.

Cannabis laws in Indonesia

The truth is, Indonesia is pretty conservative and drugs are no joking matter. You could go to prison for a few years simply for possessing cannabis. If you are caught with a lot of weed, or it seems like you might be a dealer or a trafficker, you could spend your whole life in jail. Of course, in practice, there are a lot of tourists in Indonesia that smoke weed while there and they get away with it. Most of the time the cops will be more than willing to accept a bribe from a foreign tourist if they are just smoking a joint and not causing trouble.

Smoking weed is risky in Indonesia and if you do decide to take the risk, do not do it in public places. Make sure there is no one around and never carry more than a couple of grams on you. Keep in mind that some dealers work with the police and will call them after they sell you the weed.

Getting weed in Surabaya

As already mentioned, there are some pretty strict laws in place, but there are also a lot of tourists, so getting weed isn’t impossible. There are a lot of guys hanging out at the malls or around the touristy bars. They might approach you, but otherwise, you will have to ask them yourself. Just keep in mind that you are always taking a risk when buying, possessing or smoking weed in Indonesia.

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