Weed in Sukhothai

Sukhothai is a historical city in Thailand, the old capital of the kingdom of Siam. Tourists come here for the amazing and well-preserved temples and history, as well as to escape the hustle and bustle of places like Bangkok. For the lovers of cannabis, there is good news. Getting weed in Sukhothai should be no issue:

Cannabis laws in Thailand

Thailand is known as one of the best party spots in the world and its cannabis laws reflect this. In 2022 marijuana was legalized, though it was already being sold everywhere before the government made things official. Now you have cannabis shops, people selling weed on the street, and big businesses growing it for commercial purposes. As long as you are older than 20 and not pregnant, it is legal for you to smoke in Thailand.

While marijuana is legal in Thailand, you should keep in mind that it is not in the neighboring countries, and trafficking is a very serious crime in some of them. Never cross any borders with cannabis on you and do not smoke in places where you will be a public nuisance.

Getting weed in Sukhothai

Finding weed in Sukhothai is very easy, due to it being legal. there are multiple shops that sell marijuana, where you can buy pot and all of the necessities for smoking. There are also people selling cannabis on the street, usually for a cheaper but with lesser quality. Either way, you will get high and won’t have any trouble finding weed.

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