Weed in St. Tropez

People who’re looking for the parties of their life should definitely take a visit to St. Tropez into consideration. This small French coastal town is especially attractive to rich people because of high-end restaurants, hotels, and sandy beaches. If you find yourself in St. Tropez and want to get your hands on some weed, then you’re at the right place! Keep reading as we’re going to provide you with information and getting and smoking weed in St. Tropez.

Cannabis Laws in France

Cannabis activities in France are very regulated and punishable by the authorities. However, the laws don’t apply to all people the same. When it comes to elite and jet set, we all know that it seems like laws don’t apply to them. It’s the thing in St. Tropez. This place is popular for its nightlife and drugs, so police know the situation, but they are not focusing too much on that. If you get caught by police with a huge amount of weed on you, then you can get in trouble. Use your common sense and don’t smoke in public places, but rather find a secluded place like a near hill or beach. You will probably not be alone when smoking in St. Tropez.

Where to Get Cannabis in St. Tropez

Getting cannabis in St. Tropez is very easy as the place is filled with tourists and street dealers know the demand will be high. You can literally find cannabis one each step and there is a massive chance that you’ll get approached by people who will offer you cannabis. The best bet is to check the nightclubs on the beach and follow your nose. Check out the clubs like VIP Room or Gaia, and you will definitely score some weed or hash there.

Cannabis Prices

As demand is high and weed isn’t the primary psychoactive substance there, the prices will be a bit higher than in the rest of France. For instance, if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on high potent weed, you can expect to pay around $15 per gram. It’s tough to find weed in St. Tropez as the hashish is more prevalent there. The highest-grade Moroccan hash will cost you $7 for one gram brick of sticky stuff.

Other Information

St. Tropez is a fantastic place if you’re looking to have a party of your lifetime. There are not actually many things to see there except beautiful sandy beaches and crazy nightlife. When it comes to weed, it’s a bit hard to find a potent weed as the hash is the main thing there. Don’t worry as you can still be able to smoke potent buds in St. Tropez. Use your common sense when smoking and find a secluded place like a beach or hill where you can chill out.

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