Weed in St. Barts

St. Barts is an island in the Caribbean that is a French overseas collectivity and one of the most high-end tourist destinations in theCaribbean. The island has managed to attract many wealthy Europeans and Americans and superyachts are not a rare sight. When it comes to weed inSt. Barts, it’s possible to get it, but it’s not always easy.

Cannabis laws in St. Barts

St. Barts is an old French colony and the cannabis laws there are like those in France. It is illegal to consume marijuana, but the penalty is only a 200 euro fine and no jail terms. The cultivation and sale of cannabis are much more strictly regulated and you can expect a jail term for those activities. Of course, the police on St. Barts is not too concerned with tourists smoking a joint, so if you are careful and don’t smoke around people you should be fine.

Cannabis is unlikely to become legal in France and St. Barts soon, but it is still tolerated and you will not face serious penalties for a bit of weed. However, you should never travel with cannabis on you, as that might be considered trafficking.

Getting weed in St. Barts

Finding cannabis in St. Barts can be hard, as there isn’t that much going around. Your best bet for finding something would be to ask some of the staff in your hotel. There is some weed that is grown on the island and some that get brought in from other nearby islands, but it can be hard to come by and not always regular. You just need to try your luck and hope for the best.

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