Weed in St. Anton

Austria is a well-known destination for ski-resorts in The Alps. If you’re someone who loves to have a great time while being surrounded by nature and being involved in amazing outdoor activities, then you should think of visiting St. Anton – a small Austrian village filled with resorts. What could be a better thing than smoking cannabis while having an amazing time skiing and hanging out with people you love.

Cannabis Law in Austria:

When it comes to cannabis activities, it’s illegal in Austria to be connected with any activities regarding cannabis, but if you only have it for personal usage, then you shouldn’t worry. Cannabis is decriminalized in Austria, so if you get caught with small possession, you’ll probably get fined. Use your common sense and don’t smoke it in public or crowded places and you’ll be more than fine.

Where to Get Cannabis in St. Anton:

When it comes to getting weed in small resort towns, it could be a bit of hustle. The reason for that is the majority of people coming with their families and aren’t interested in smoking weed. Although, you can always ask young people in local pubs or receptionists at hotels you’re staying. They will probably know more information and give you a contact with someone who can help you.

Cannabis Prices in St. Anton:

Supply in ski resort towns like St. Anton is insufficient which means you’ll get your hands on good quality weed much harder and the price will be high. Some people reported they had luck with getting decent buds while staying at ski-resort. The prices average at 20 euros per high-grade weed. If you’re looking for a hash there, we will disappoint you as there is a small possibility you’ll find any.

Other Information:

You can easily combine great outdoor activities with smoking our favorite herb during your stay in St. Anton. It will be a bit of hustle to find a decent quality weed, but if you’re persistent, then you will probably find it. Don’t forget to use your common sense when smoking and toke it up in secluded places.

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