Weed in Sorrento

Sorrento is one of the most beautiful cities on the Amalfi coast, just south of Naples and Pompeii. It has great views of Vesuvius and the Isle of Capri, as well as great sea views. Just walking around town is enough for visitors in itself, but the city also has a lot of history and culture to offer. Weed in Sorrento is easy to find, though not as easy as in Naples. Keep on reading for our guide to cannabis in Sorrento.

Cannabis laws in Italy

When it comes to marijuana, Italy is one of the most open-minded countries in Europe. They have a pretty developed hemp industry and seem to be moving towards legalization slowly. Medicinal marijuana is legal in Italy and ‘cannabis light’ is also legal. When it comes to recreational use, they still have a way to go, but things are still decent. Recreational use and possession of weed are illegal but decriminalized. If the cops catch you smoking, you can get a fine, but there is no chance you will go to prison. Often times you might get away with just a warning, depending on the police.

The Italian policemen are more focused on organized crime and dealers than they are on tourists smoking. That being said, don’t smoke weed in front of the police and preferably be a little discreet. A lot of Italians smoke in public, but some don’t appreciate it, you will also avoid getting a fine if you are more discreet.

Getting weed in Sorrento

Finding marijuana in Sorrento is fairly easy, but it will be easier in Naples, so maybe consider doing that if you are visiting. In the evening you should go out for a walk around the center. There is a decent chance that you will encounter dealers, who will generally ask you if you want to buy something. If that does not happen, just ask any younger Italian. Most of them smoke and will be able to tell you where to go or hook you up. There are weed and hash in Italy, with hash being cheaper. The prices are around 6-7 euros per gram, but as a tourist, you might be asked to pay more.

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