Weed in Singapore

Singapore is a small country on the southern tip of the Malaysian peninsula. It’s a beautiful country for tourists as it offers amazing rooftop parties, modern architecture and many attractions and activities to do. Also, it’s good to know that Singapore has the strictest laws in the world. When it comes to smoking cannabis there, you can end up in serious trouble. However, it’s still possible to get relaxed by cannabis, and we will explain to you in more detail how to get and smoke weed without being caught in Singapore. Keep reading!

Cannabis Laws in Singapore

As we already mentioned, Singapore is the country with the strictest laws in the world. When it comes to cannabis, you can end up in serious trouble if you get caught. For instance, trafficking and getting caught with more than 500 grams of cannabis will set you on a death penalty. If you get caught by police with any amount, you can expect to pay up to $20,000 or spending ten years in notorious prisons. Our genuine advice is not to smoke during your stay in Singapore.

Where to Get Cannabis in Singapore

Cannabis is very hard to find in Singapore as the penalties are pretty crazy, so people usually don’t look for weed. If you want to smoke, you can still find decent quality cannabis in some spots. Check out the shopping malls, and if you’re lucky, you will find younger people who hang out around. Simply approach them with positivity and who knows, they may hook you up with someone.

Cannabis Prices

The weed is extremely bad there, and if lucky, you could get your hands on the pretty low quality of weed. The prices vary, but the most common price is $30 for 5 grams. It depends on your connections though. If you’re not connected with people there, you can expect to pay around $50 for one gram.

Other Information

Singapore is a beautiful country to see, but when it comes to consuming cannabis, we don’t advise you to do it. The reason for that is the country is rated as the strictest country in the world when it comes to laws. It’s pretty easy to end up in prison or paying a huge fine if got caught by police.

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