Weed in Siargao

Siargao is a small island in the Philippines, which is an amazingly beautiful spot to visit. You can surf there, hang out on the beach and enjoy yourself. However, if you want to smoke some weed in Siargao, you might be out of luck. The Philippines has very strict drug laws, and you need to be extra careful when dealing with marijuana while there.

Cannabis laws in Philipines

You have probably heard the stories about how harsh drug laws are in southeastern Asia, while mostly exaggerated, those stories are totally accurate for the Philippines. The law states that you can’t get life imprisonment for any activity related to cannabis. It means that you can’t smoke, possess and of course, grow and sell marijuana. In reality, the police are very corrupt and you might get off by paying a bribe, but if that doesn’t work out, things can get pretty bad.

Many people on the Philippines actually use drugs, including weed. However, it is very risky to involve yourself with drugs while there and it’s best to not risk it.

Getting weed in Siargao

There is some marijuana going around Siargo, but it is a very risky en-devour to buy it. A lot of the street dealers are scammers that just want to steal your money, but some work with the cops. Once they sell to you, the police will arrest you and get a bribe off of you. The truth is that you should try and stay away from weed while in the Philippines, as it’s very illegal and can potentially lead to life imprisonment.

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