Weed in Shanghai

Shanghai is one of the global financial hubs as well as the most populous city in the world. The city has a huge offer, from fantastic nightlife, luxurious hotels, all kinds of restaurants to stunning skyline and beautiful gardens. When it comes to smoking weed in Shanghai, the situation gets a bit complicated. Keep reading as we’re going to provide you with the information on getting and smoking weed in Shanghai.

Cannabis Law in China 

Any activity related to cannabis or any other drug-related to their scheduled lists is highly illegal, and you can even get executed. There are many execution cases each year related to cannabis, so if you’re going to smoke weed there, be extra cautious. If you’re smoking cannabis in private places without any local, then you’ll be fine, but don’t smoke outside as the police are professional and know their job. Also, never carry more than one gram on yourself as getting caught with more than 5 grams can land you in prison.

Where to Get Cannabis in Shanghai 

Getting weed could be a bit of struggle, especially if you’re just passing the city and don’t have any connections. It’s very hard to get your hands on high-quality cannabis, especially hashish, but there is a chance. Your best bet is to check the Shanghai Downtown area as this place is full of expats and they will probably help you out. Another good spot for checking is around East Nanjing Road where you’ll get approached by dealers. It’s easy to make a deal, but never give your money in advance and always check the stuff.

Cannabis Prices

It’s a contradictory fact that the weed in Shanghai is relatively cheap when you take into account the legal side and lack of supply. You can get a high-quality skunk for around $20 per gram without knowing anyone. If you’re looking to score larger amounts, the average price for a big bag that contains around half an ounce starts at $100.

Other Information

Shanghai is an amazing city to visit, but when it comes to getting and smoking cannabis, you should be extra careful. The reason is that the police are very strict and you can end up in prison or even execute for small amounts of weed. If you want to smoke, it’s advisable to smoke it inside your private place. Always use common sense when it comes to any activity related to cannabis. Enjoy your stay!

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