Weed in Sao Paulo

If you ever find yourself exploring Brazil, there is a huge chance you’ll visit Sao Paulo on your trip. The city is known for its vast population, and it’s a Brazilian financial center. The city is popular in its culture and neo-gothic architecture. Is there any better way of exploring this beautiful city than getting your hands on cannabis? In this article, we’re going into details when it comes to getting and smoking weed in Sao Paulo. Stay with us and keep reading!

Cannabis Laws in Brazil

Any activity regarding cannabis is strictly prohibited in Brazil. Many activities in Brazil encourage legalization, but despite weed’s extensive usage, it is still an illegal plant. Police officers are very strict when it comes to any cannabis-related activity, and if you’re a tourist, you’re a particular target for cops. You should be aware of the fact that the majority of police are corrupt there, so if you get caught with the quantity enough to roll one joint, you can expect a hard time. Be prepared to bribe a cop. If you have large amounts of you, then you can end up in serious trouble and believe us, you simply don’t want to find yourself in a Brazilian prison.

Where to Get Cannabis in Sao Paulo 

To get your hands on decent quality cannabis, just check tourist places or hostels. You’ll definitely find someone who is smoking or who can hook you up with someone. The other and more risky way is to check favelas. In favelas, you can literally buy on every corner, but there is a huge chance you’ll get robbed or caught by police there. It’s not advisable, but again, many tourists do that every day without any problems.

Cannabis Prices

In Sao Paulo, you can find almost any kind of weed and hash. The prices vary, depending on your connections and weed quality. The most common rate for one gram of high-quality bud starts at $10 per gram. The best catch is to go with medium quality cannabis that costs around $3 per gram.

Other Information

Although cannabis in Sao Paulo is strictly regulated and laws forbid the usage or any other activity regarding cannabis, you can easily score a high-quality weed there. Just be careful, especially if you’re a white tourist as the police will target you. If you get caught with a small amount of cannabis, expect to pay a bribe. Use your common sense when getting and smoking weed and you’ll be more than fine.

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