Weed in Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela is located in the Galicia region of Spain and is most well known due to the ‘Way of Saint James’ or Camino de Santiago in Spanish. Every year hundreds of thousands of people hike to the city in a pilgrimage that is becoming more and more popular. Most of the city’s visitors are Christian and don’t smoke too much weed, but there is still weed in Santiago de Compostela for those who look for it. Keep on reading for our ultimate guide to cannabis in Santiago de Compostela.

Cannabis laws in Spain

Spain is a very laid-back country and the laws regarding marijuana are equally relaxed. As a matter of fact, cannabis is partially legalized, at least in private spaces. Due to a grey area in the constitution, you are allowed to possess, smoke and grow weed in your own house. You are not allowed to sell any, though there are businesses that do that. In big Spanish cities, there are cannabis clubs that sell weed to their members, similar to a dispensary in California.

When it comes to smoking weed in public, it is illegal but decriminalized when it comes to the small amounts. This means that if the police catch you smoking a joint in the park, with a couple of grams in your pocket, you can get a fine and your weed will be confiscated. That being said, this rarely happens and if you cooperate and aren’t bothering anyone you might get away with a warning. Just be careful and not too blatant with your weed smoking.

Getting weed in Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela is a pretty Catholic place, which means that weed will be harder to get there than it is in cities like Valencia, Barcelona or Seville. It is not impossible, but if you happen to stop by one of those cities first it will be easier to get weed there. Otherwise, you have two options. Wander around the city center in the evening and look for dealers, that appear pretty randomly. Or you could ask at a backpacker hostel. It is best if you also stay in that hostel, but the people there smoke a lot of weed and it is usually easy to find there. The price of weed in Santiago de Compostela ranges from 7-10 euros per gram, hash is a bit cheaper and easier to get.

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