Weed in San Blas Islands

The San Blas Islands in Panama are the definition of a tropical paradise. The archipelago consists of hundreds of islands, most not inhabited or too large, filled with gorgeous beaches, clear and warm waters. If you want to enjoy some cannabis while on vacation there, you need to consider the local laws and the situation on the ground. Keep on reading for our guide to finding weed in San Blas Islands.

Cannabis laws in Panama

The recreational use of cannabis is completely banned in Panama and could land you in legal trouble. At least, that is what the law states, but in practice, things are much more relaxed. The cannabis laws are not enforced often and many people in Panama smoke without an issue. Also, the police are somewhat corrupt, so you might get away with just paying off the police if they do catch you with weed.

Panama also legalized medicinal marijuana recently, being the first country in the region to do so. Hopefully, this signals that the government is on its path to legalizing recreational use as well.

Getting weed in the San Blas Islands

Finding cannabis in the San Blas Islands can be hard for foreigners, as they are not allowed to purchase medicinal marijuana. That being said, like in any touristy place, there are people that will be willing to sell you. There are dealers, as well as locals that have access to medicinal marijuana, so your best bet is to ask around people that work in hospitality as well as taxi drivers and others dealing with tourists to hook you up.

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