Weed in Salzburg

Salzburg is the fourth and, arguably, the most beautiful city in Austria. The city is a fool of palaces, that are simply made to be explored while high. You will enjoy your trip to Salzburg with some cannabis. Here is our weed guide to Salzburg.

Cannabis laws in Salzburg, Austria

Austria is very liberal when it comes to marijuana laws. Consumption is theoretically not illegal, but buying and possession are. You are not likely to get into much trouble, as long as you have a small quantity of weed on you, for personal use. Do not carry more than a few grams on you at all times, to avoid trouble. Instead of prison, it is possible that you get a fine, or be forced to participate in a rehabilitation program.

Hemp and seeds are legal in Austria and it is used in industry and medicinal purposes. It is illegal to sell plants that contain more than 0.3% THC. For medical purposes, there is no full-on legalization of medicinal marijuana itself, instead of some medical products containing cannabinoids.

Where to get marijuana in Salzburg

Getting marijuana in Salzburg is quite difficult if you do not know anyone local. The city is not very large and cannabis culture is not very developed there. It is possible to buy seeds and plants that have not matured yet. There are many home growers, but they do not usually sell to tourists, or outside of their friend circle. If no local can help you find weed, you will have to look for a street drug dealer. They can be found around the bridges, late at night, and around the station. However, the quality of the weed is very low and you are likely to get ripped off.

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