Weed in Rabat

Rabat is an ancient town with a lot of character, that is worth checking out while in Morocco. Most travelers are well aware of the tales of the local hashish and luckily, those aren’t just tales. The locals have been consuming cannabis for a very long time and despite of the legal issues, you could also partake in that:

Cannabis laws in Morocco

Despite the historical use of cannabis in the region, weed is illegal in Morocco. This might come as a surprise to many that have been there, as cannabis use and production is very widespread, especially that of hashish. In practice, you can get away with smoking weed and if caught will have to bribe the police, especially if you are a tourist.

There is a push from the Moroccan government towards legalization and medicinal cannabis was legalized in 2021. While recreational use is still illegal and could theoretically land you in prison, in effect it is decriminalized as a small bribe will do the trick most of the time.

Getting weed in Rabat

Finding weed, or more likely hash,in Rabat will not be challenging for most visitors. There are dealers walking around in the evenings in the more busy tourist locations and they will ask you if you want to buy some. If no one approaches you to buy, you could ask some taxi drivers, or the people working in your hotel. Most of them will know where you can get some weed.

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