Weed in Punta Cana

The weather here is hot, the water is warm and the drinks are cold. Punta Cana is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Dominican Republic, and it’s essentially a tropical paradise. Most of what you will do here is lay on the beach and drink cocktails, but you might want to know about the weed situation. Cannabis is very illegal in the Dominican Republic, however you can still get some if you want to.

Cannabis laws in the Dominican Republic

There are a lot of people smoking weed in the Dominican Republic, and it’s probably the most popular street drug. However, the cannabis laws are very strict and even for possessing the smallest amount of weed, you can go to jail. Category one criminals are those caught with less than 20 grams of weed. There is a minimum sentence of 6 months for that, with a maximum of 2 years. On top that there is a fine. If you are caught with more weed, you can get into a lot more trouble. There is of course the possibility that you get away with a bribe, but there are no guarantees for that.

Weed is risky business in the Dominican Republic and the last think you want during your holiday is getting sent to a Dominican prison. If you do decide to risk it and smoke, be very careful and don’t buy more than 20 grams.

Getting weed in Punta Cana

Finding cannabis in Punta Cana isn’t too hard, but do keep in mind that it’s very illegal. If you go around the beach in the more touristy parts, just ask the guys that sell trinkets around there and you will be hooked up. The prices can vary a lot as tourists often get ripped off, so do negotiate. Also keep in mind that the quality is usually very bad, but it should get you high.

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