Weed in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is one of Mexico’s most popular seaside resorts, located on the Bahia de Banderas bay. It is a friendly and safe city, popular with Americans coming for Spring Break. Most of the visitors are happy with the pristine beaches and the alcohol-fueled parties, but sometimes a little weed is necessary to take it up a notch. Luckily, Mexico is relatively relaxed when it comes to cannabis, especially at touristy places. Read on to find out more.

Cannabis laws in Mexico

Taking note from the US, Mexico has been moving towards marijuana legalization at a break-neck pace. Knowing that legalizing cannabis would take revenue away from the cartels and inject it into the economy, politicians have proposed the legalization of recreational marijuana. The fact remains, however, that currently weed is illegal.

Cannabis is illegal, but decriminalized, meaning that if you are caught with less than 5g of weed it should only get confiscated from you. Usually, you shouldn’t have to pay a fine, but it is common for Mexican policemen to ask for a bribe, especially from Americans. While you are not required by law to pay it, it would probably make your life easier. Never carry more than 5 grams, as that constitutes a serious offense you can go to prison for.

Finding cannabis in Puerto Vallarta

It is very easy to getting weed in Puerto Vallarta. You will likely be offered to buy some around the beach or the clubs, but if you are not, simply ask. People that work in the resort-like waiters, taxi drivers, everyone working on the beach and people working in the bars, will often sell. The price can depend a lot, as they often try to rip tourists off, but you can expect to pay about 20 dollars per ounce if you haggle a little bit. The quality of the weed is not the best, but at that price, it is hard to complain.

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