Weed in Prague

The Czech Republic has managed to carve a reputation as Europe’s best party spot and Prague is its prime party spot. There is good beer and good weed, and nothing to worry about. Read on for all of the details about the weed situation in Prague.

Cannabis Law in Prague:

When it comes to drug laws, the Czech Republic is very chill and cannabis is decriminalized. That means you can have on you up to 15 grams of weed and that is just a misdemeanor, what that means is, you can only get a fine, it is not legal but decriminalized. The fines can be hefty, up to 15 000 CZK, which is about 680 USD, though you will likely not get fines that much. You are also very likely to get away from the whole thing with just a warning too.

People have called Prague the Amsterdam of Eastern Europe, but bear in mind that it is not really the way things work. There are a lot of stoners just smoking in public, but you are taking a risk of a fine. Do not get too cocky in Prague and you will enjoy your vacation and joints without having to deal with the cops.

Where to Get Weed in Prague:

There are many tourists that smoke weed, and in turn that means that there are many street dealers in Prague. During the day the best place to get weed is Wenceslas Square and in the Old Town, they are both very touristy. During the night, you will need to rely on the big clubs and bars, there are dealers hanging around them. You should be careful with the dealers in Prague, as they are known to rip people off. The quality of the weed is also not very good usually.

The price of weed should be 10 Euros per gram, but there is a decent chance you will end up paying more as a tourist. Don’t be scared to negotiate down.

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