Weed in Porto

Porto is the of the top tourist destinations in Portugal and Europe. It has a beautiful old city center, which is a UNESCO world heritage site. Porto is the second-largest city in Portugal, after Lisbon, but it is a very important commercial and industrial center for the country. Exploring the old, beautiful architecture, while smoking weed is a magical experience. Here is our guide to cannabis in Porto.

Cannabis laws in Portugal

Portugal is famous for its 2001 decriminalization of all drugs. What this means for marijuana is that if you are caught with a small quantity, meant for personal use you will not face jail time. Instead you might get a fine, that is determined by your income, however, most people do not even get that. A quantity meant for personal use is 2.5 grams of cannabis, so as long as you are carrying less than that, you should be fine.

Selling, cultivating and trafficking cannabis is still considered illegal and can get you in a lot of trouble. It is also better not to smoke in very public places. Despite the progressive policy of decriminalization, Portugal still has no medicinal marijuana program.

Where to get weed in Porto

If you do not any local, a good place to start looking for weed is Ribeira Square, near the river. It is a popular part of town, with a lot of coffee shops and restaurants all around. If you walk down the street you should be able to see the dealers, who are usually young men from Morocco. Simply approach them and ask. Another good place to look is theĀ Cordoaria Park. It is a popular park in the city, where a lot of young people hang out. There are often people smoking there and there are also dealers walking around. When buying from the street always be careful not to get ripped off and ask to see the weed first. The price for a gram of weed is usually about 6-7 euros per gram.

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  1. There was no one in that park, i was there like 2 hours (21-23h) and one hang out like u said..Also on that place Riberia, no black guys,guys from Maroco..I was there seat near the coffe shops like 2 hours. And from Riveria 500m up from the Restoran Galeria, there was a guy from Albania or Turkish selling origano with a glue.OMG, i was smoke worldwide and never get SCAMMED like this. So first unpack and smell it! Guy have a beard and his hairstyle is like a turkish/kurdish.FU*K YOU! NEVER BACK HERE AGAIN.

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