Weed in Port Moresby

Port Moresby is the largest city in Papua New Guinea and one of the largest cities in the area. It is an interesting place and a great first stop for a journey around the country. Many people are surprised to learn that cannabis is smoked widely in Port Moresby, despite being illegal:

Cannabis laws in Papua New Guinea

Marijuana is illegal in Papua New Guinea, you are not allowed to grow it, sell it, or possess it. That being said, the laws there are hardly enforced and cannabis is widely used and cultivated on the island. Marijuana grows easily here and is used as a cash crop by the locals.

Papua New Guinea does not seem to have cannabis regulation very high on its list of priorities, so you will find many people smoking here. However, marijuana is still illegal and you could get in trouble if you are caught smoking. The good news is that you will usually get away with just paying a small bribe to the cops.

Getting weed in Port Moresby

Finding weed in Port Moresby is not too hard, as there are a lot of locals that smoke, and if you walk around the city you will likely even meet some. As a foreigner, you will have to look around and ask people to hook you up. Generally, the quality will not be great, but it’s cheap and will get you high.

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