Weed in Plovdiv

Plovdiv is a beautiful city in Bulgaria that you have to visit. It is the second-largest city in Bulgaria and is called Bulgaria’s Rome, as it is situated on seven hills. The bustling nightlife of Plovdiv is combined with the ancient ruins that the city is full of. Music festivals are attracting more and more people who enjoy cannabis, so getting cannabis over there is very simple. The historical and cultural center of Bulgaria is best enjoyed while high on cannabis.

Cannabis Laws in Bulgaria

You have to know that Bulgarian law has little tolerance for cannabis, but there are also no legal limits of how much weed you are not allowed to possess or smoke. The police over there are extremely corrupt and will target outsiders like tourists. If you’re caught possessing cannabis, you could get a considerable bribe of 1000€ and get sent back home. If you are on a budget, be careful and smoke somewhere private and not outdoors. Clubs are the best place to get high, so keep that in mind.

Where to Get Cannabis in Plovdiv

As Plovdiv is crowded with people and has a bustling night scene, chances of scoring weed are quite large. The best method to get weed is to ask around in parks; locals know the best. That doesn’t mean that you’ll always come into the best deal, but there are other ways to get cannabis. Nightclubs and squares are crowded with people, and when you catch the cannabis scent over there, you’ll know where to go. The cannabis choices are limited, as the Bulgarian hemp isn’t high on quality, and the other strains are imported.

Cannabis Prices

In Plovdiv, you can usually score high-quality weed for 12$ a gram. You’ll get a mixed breed of Sativa and Indica and enjoy a nice high that will surely enhance the experience of Plovdiv, whether the place you choose to be. You can get Bulgarian hemp for 6$ a gram, but that is low-quality weed that doesn’t have such a good high. Ask around to find the best deals, and try to negotiate a better deal, it’s possible with the locals.

Other Information

Plovdiv is a beautiful city in Bulgaria that has a vibrant vibe to it. It is similar to Rome, situated on seven hills and a mix of old and new. Experiencing such a city is much better while buzzed on cannabis. Bulgarian law enforcement can cause you some trouble if they catch you smoking on the public. The best action to avoid that is to smoke at some private, secluded place. You can find some decent bud over there, for a decent price. Of course, low-quality hemp is also common there, so be sure to inspect before rushing into a buy.

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