Weed in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is one of Mexico’s most popular tourist resorts located on the Caribbean sea. Currently, it is one of the best spots in Mexico for scuba diving or just simply sipping on a cocktail on some picturesque beach. Smoking some weed during your vacation is an awesome experience, and it will definitely take your vacation up a notch. Cannabis is illegal in Mexico, but the laws are not that well enforced, especially at the more touristy places. You will most likely be offered weed in Playa del Carmen.

Cannabis laws in Mexico

For years Mexico has had significant problems with drugs and the cartels. In recent years this has led to a liberalization of the drug policy of the country. In 2009 possession of cannabis, under specified personal limits was decriminalized. The limit is 5 grams and if caught with less than that, you will be encouraged to enter a drug rehabilitation program, but there are no penalties or fines set, and the rehabilitation is not mandatory the first two times you get caught.

It is actually not that serious of an offense to have a couple of grams on you in Mexico. However, keep in mind that the police might try to scam you, so do not be too blatant with your weed smoking.

Getting weed in Playa del Carmen

Getting your hands on some marijuana in Playa del Carmen is incredibly easy. All you have to do is walk around the beach and the main shopping street and there is a good chance you will be offered some cannabis. You can also try walking into a shop that sells pipes and bongs and ask there, they will usually be able to hook you up. Always be careful when buying weed from street dealers and ask to see the weed before you pay, so that you do not get ripped off. Expect to pay 3-4$ per gram of weed.

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1 thought on “Weed in Playa del Carmen”

  1. Been here a year in Playa del Carmen. weed,good weed is easy to get.
    Go to 5th Avenue on the weekend.
    You will be quickly approached.
    Don’t buy in the street and don’t let the dealer take you into any side streets.
    If the dealer offers to take you into the back of restaurant or store you’re okay.
    There is tourist weed with seeds and local very high quality bud.
    Expect to pay 40 to $50 USD for a bud of the good stuff.
    When you get a good dealer get his phone number.

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