Weed in Pisa

People who’re passionate travelers probably have Italy listed high on their bucket list. It’s a country known for historical culture, delicious cuisine and stunning architecture. Pisa is a beautiful city in Tuscany and it’s well-known for its iconic Leaning Tower. Just walking around the city will give you a good idea about the culture in Italy and what could be a better way to explore the city than enhancing your experience with a bit of weed? Keep reading as we’re going to provide you with the information on getting and smoking weed in Pisa.

Cannabis Laws in Italy

Any activity related to cannabis is illegal in whole of Italy, but it’s widely tolerated to consume cannabis. If you get caught with weed on yourself, you can expect trouble with police officers, but having more than 5 grams on yourself can land you in prison. It’s interesting that cannabis is decriminalized for medical and religious usage, but you need to have a special permit. The government in Italy is working hard on applying new laws that will be lighter on weed users. For now, use your common sense when smoking, and you’ll be fine.

Where to Get Cannabis in Pisa

Getting weed in Pisa is relatively easy even if you don’t have any connections in the city. There are a few popular places where younger people gather and freely smoke joints, so you should definitely check these places to score decent quality cannabis. Check the park named Giardino Scotto, and you will probably get approached many times by Moroccan dudes, but they can help you with high-quality hashish in most cases. Another amazing place where you’ll stumble upon friendly people who will most likely offer you joint for free is Centri Sociali.

Cannabis Prices

The majority of people are smoking hashish in Pisa, so if you’re looking to smoke weed, it may be harsh to find a decent quality weed if you don’t know anyone. The prices for a brick of hashish that weighs around 2 grams will cost you around $10. If you’re lucky and get your hands on some weed, then you can expect to pay around $15 for a gram of highest quality buds.

Other Information

Getting weed in Pisa is a bit harder as the majority of smokers are consuming hashish mainly from Morocco. The prices are pretty low for European standards, and also police don’t focus so much on smokers, especially if you’re smoking outside touristy and public places. Use your common sense, and you will have an amazing time in Pisa. Enjoy your stay!

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