Weed in Pattaya

Pattaya is arguably the most popular beach resort in Thailand. It is constantly swarmed with tourists from all around the world, looking to party. Weed is illegal in Thailand, but as you might suspect at a place like Pattaya it isn’t too hard to find. You do have to be careful though, as the Thai laws are strict and the bribes can get pretty steep. Keep on reading for our guide to cannabis in Pattaya:

Cannabis laws in Thailand

There is a long history of cannabis use in Thailand, and it was commonly used in food, medicine and of course for smoking. However, things have changed and marijuana is nowadays illegal in Thailand. The laws are mainly aimed at traffickers and large scale dealers and not so much at tourists smoking joints. For possession, you could go to prison, in theory, but in practice, you are more likely to get a fine, or a bribe. Most tourists that get caught smoking by the police usually getaway after emptying their pockets, but you should keep in mind that things could go bad, at least in theory.

Despite the harsh laws and possibilities of penalties, there are a lot of people smoking weed in Pattaya and from a tourist’s perspective, it almost looks like cannabis is legalized. A lot of people smoke and sell weed in that area and there is very little to worry about. As long as you don’t smoke right in front of the police, you should be fine.

Getting weed in Pattaya

If you walk around Pattaya at night there is a very good chance that someone will offer to sell you weed. Of course, the quality is not the best and you will pay a lot more than usual in Thailand, but if you don’t feel like looking it will do. You can also try asking pretty much any tuk-tuk driver about cannabis and they will likely be able to assist you. There are rumors that some dealers work with the cops and will snitch on you once they sell the weed, so be careful and if the situation does not seem right, just walk away. It’s not hard to buy weed in Pattaya, so walk away if you don’t feel safe. The prices can range a lot for tourists, but it is usually 1000 Baht for a decent size brick of Thai weed.

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