Weed in Palma de Mallorca

Palma is an amazing city, even for Spanish standards. Located on the island of Mallorca, Palma has a long and rich history that has left the city full of beautiful buildings and styles of architecture from different periods of history. Palma has many bars, clubs, and cafes to offer to the millions of tourists that visit it each year. Smoking weed while exploring this vibrant city is a great experience and it should not be too hard, considering Spain’s liberal laws regarding marijuana.

Cannabis laws in Spain

Luckily for weed enthusiasts, Spain has very relaxed laws when it comes to marijuana. If you are caught with a small amount of weed on you, this is treated as a misdemeanor and you will get a fine at most. A small quantity for personal use can be considered anything under 15 grams. A lot of young people smoke weed in Spain, but you should still be careful when smoking outside and in public places. A lot of the older local people do not appreciate it.

In Spain, you are also allowed to grow a few cannabis plants in your own house. This has lead, through some legal loopholes, to the creation of cannabis clubs. Those clubs are similar to the Dutch coffeshops, but in order to buy weed from them, membership is required.

Finding weed in Palma

Just like in most of the other Spanish cities, popular with tourists, getting weed in Palma is not particularly hard. The odds are that you will be approached and asked to buy weed there if you look like a tourist. In case no one asks you, feel free to ask the guys selling sunglasses around the beach and city center as they usually sell marijuana too. You can also check out resorts like Magaluf, where there is a lot more weed. Just ask some promoter or representative and they should be able to hook you up. The weed quality can vary but is usually pretty good. The price of weed should be around 7 euros per gram, but for tourists, it is often more expensive. Hash is also easily available.

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