Weed in Palm Beach Florida

Palm Beach is easily the most upscale and fancy place in Florida. While that doesn’t say much, the fact that multiple billionaires and US presidents have chosen to reside here shows that Palm Beach really is exceptional. Great food, great beaches, a perfect climate, and a lot of fancy cars and hot people. If you come here, you will want to party and you will want to smoke weed. The good news is that Palm Beach is cool about cannabis and you should have no problem scoring some.

Cannabis laws in Florida

Despite its fame, Florida does not legally allow you to smoke and use marijuana. The recreational use of weed is illegal, but the exact punishment can depend on the county you are in. In Palm Beach, the possession of 20 grams, or less, will get you a 100 dollar fine. You can get cited twice, and if you get caught a third time with weed, you will get 10 hours of community service. There is also a medicinal marijuana program in Florida, where you get a prescription from your physician if you fulfill certain conditions.

Florida is chill about weed, and Palm Beach is even chiller. It’s a good idea to not walk around with more than 20 grams on you, to avoid any serious trouble. Besides that, if you don’t mind paying the 100$ fine, you’re going to be fine.

Getting weed in Palm Beach

If you walk around Palm Beach, and look like the right demographic, you will likely be approached to buy weed. If that doesn’t happen, you will have to ask around. People that work in hotels, valets and most service industry people will be able to sort you out, or will have a number to give you. That’s the best and easiest way to get weed in Palm Beach, it might seem awkward but people do that all the time. You can expect to pay 10-20$ per gram, as tourists usually get ripped off.

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