Weed in Ostend

Cannabis laws in Belgium

Cannabis consumption is legal in Belgium, but the possession, cultivation, and sale of marijuana are illegal. If you are caught with 3 grams or less of cannabis you can only expect a fine of 200 euros, the first time you are caught. However, if you are smoking in a very public place or there are other aggravating circumstances, you could get into more trouble. Growing weed or selling it are more serious crimes and can land you in prison.

The possession of small amounts of marijuana is decriminalized in Belgium, so there isn’t too much to worry about if you are just planning on smoking a joint or two while there.

Getting weed in Ostend

The easiest way to get weed in Ostend is to drive to the Netherlands, for example to Breda, and buy cannabis there from a coffeeshop, legally. If this isn’t possible for you you will have to rely on the local dealers. Usually, they walk around the boardwalk at night and are relatively easy to spot. However, the weed they will sell you is often bad and not worth the money.

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