Weed in Oslo

Oslo, the capital city of country Norway, is wonderful and offers many different activities to do. There are many museums, great architecture and delicious traditional food on every corner. What could be better than exploring and experiencing Oslo while smoking Cannabis? Here you have a short guide on everything regarding weed in Oslo.

Cannabis Laws in Norway?

Cannabis is strictly illegal in Norway which means possessing and consuming is strictly forbidden. Carrying up to 15 grams of weed is considered for personal use, meaning you will only get a fine the first time you get caught. The punishments get much heavier if you have larger quantities of weed on you, or if you are caught more than once. Norway has also legalized medicinal marijuana in 2016.

Oslo is a bit different in practice as it attracts many tourists around the world each year. Police won’t search or bust you if you have something on you. Be careful when smoking outdoors and avoid tourist places as these are the places where the police are. The best bet is to always have only one joint with you and to smoke it in the park or indoors. If police catch you then you can get yourself in serious legal trouble. Be careful while smoking weed in Oslo!

Where to Get Cannabis in Oslo?

The best bet to get the highest-quality weed is to check the city center near the Grønland stop. You can easily get there on public transportation. Many people will come up to you and ask you if you need anything. The area is full of dealers and finding weed there will not be hard. We would say that it’s the place if you want to get the highest quality weed in Oslo. Although weed there isn’t so good, you can get a decent deal there. Another interesting way to get the herb is by checking local pubs and asking around. It is easier to get weed in the afternoon, if you are asking in the pubs.

Cannabis Prices

The prices vary, but on average it is the same as in the rest of Europe. You can get a decent quality gram of weed for 10 euros. The quality of the bud is outstanding as the majority of the weed is some sort of skunk or hybrid. If you know the people and want to buy a larger quantity that’ll get you through your stay, expect discounts.

Smoking in Norway is strictly forbidden, so be careful while buying and smoking weed as you can end up in trouble. The weed quality is outstanding and the prices are the same as in the rest of Europe. Wish you the best experience while in Oslo!

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