Weed in Osaka

If you ever find yourself in beautiful city Osaka, a commercial hub of Japan, there is a high chance that you’ll ask yourself about cannabis smoking there. Exploring every city is always better when high, but when it comes to Japan, you should definitely think twice about smoking weed there. Here’s the brief guide to getting and smoking cannabis in Osaka.

Cannabis Law in Japan:

Japan has pretty strange laws when it comes to cannabis. The cannabis is legal to grow for people who have a license, and it’s strictly illegal for everyone else. Everything related to cannabis is strictly regulated and illegal, so even the smallest quantity could end up in prison. The law enforcers don’t care about the quantity they catch you with. If you get caught, you’ll most likely end up in prison and expected to pay a huge fine. Our genuine advice is not to try smoke weed during your stay in Osaka or any other place in Japan.

Where to Get Cannabis in Osaka: 

If you want to smoke some weed despite all warnings and laws, you can get the information where to get cannabis, but everyone is scared, and it’s most likely that you won’t find any weed. Your best bet is to approach local people who have street stands and who’re spending their time in the same place throughout the year. Don’t expect they will help you with the information as they know the consequences they can face if they get caught.

Cannabis Prices:

Cannabis is strictly illegal, and penalties are very huge, so with that situation, you can expect the prices go through the roof for the lowest quality weed. Local people don’t tolerate weed in public or anywhere which means the scarcity of supply. Some sources told they paid around $50 for one gram of low-quality weed.

Other Information:

Osaka is an amazing city and you can explore its architecture, traditional food, and culture for days. Believe us, you’ll be satisfied with the exploration, but if you think about smoking weed, please think twice as you can really end up in serious trouble. Stay safe and have an extraordinary experience!

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